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Assignment Questions

Sunshine or Pam

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This is a reading report. You are to read the fax that consists of material from the book. Then answer the three part questions to write the report.
* * This is APA style.* *

Name of book:

Austrian, Sonia G. (2005). Mental disorders, medications, and clinical social work, Third
Edition. New York: Columbia University Press.

*Answer these questions. This report contains three parts:

A) A summary of MAIN points from the reading (focus on two or three points) please do not write straight off the reading;

B) A set of questions for discussion (after reading the material, think of TWO questions that you would like to ask.) Write these two questions at the end of the paper or separate paper. (The questions you formulate should be something that caught your attention during the reading and you would like to ask something new to help you gain further knowledge.) and;

C) Some external source ( 1-one only) (other than assigned reading) to support/detract the reading. Information from this other source should be a short paragraph. Reference it APA style. ** Please do not use most of the paper on this other source. Make sure that the paper is based MOSTLY on your own summary of the reading material.

NOTE : Writer, please do not get sentences straight off the book. Summarize what you read for the paper. FOCUS ON TWO THINGS ONLY (TOPICS). Make your point clearly.

Thank You.

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