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Assignment Questions

Survey of World Literature ENG 225

Write a 1000 word essay in which you evaluate the frame narrative form. Consider the three frame narratives we read in this module and evaluate the effectiveness and purpose of the structure. Why do you think each author would have chosen to write in this way? Is the frame necessary? Does it contribute to the overall tone, or does it get in the way of the “story”? You must draw upon all three texts to support your claims and integrate relevant quotations from each using MLA format.
(This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)

The Norton Anthology World Literature
– “Ancient Egyptian Literature” in Volume A, pp. 57-59
– “Egyptian Love Poems” in Volume A, pp. 76-81
– “Love of You is Mixed Deep in My Vitals” (available in the course
– “Ovid” in Volume A, pp. 1073-1076
– “Metamorphoses” in Volume A, pp.1076-1088; pp. 1104-1116
– “Giovanni Boccaccio” in Volume B, pp. 605-609
– “Decameron, Day 10, Story 10” in Volume B, pp. 649-656
– “The Thousand and One Nights” in Volume B, pp. 552-576

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