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Assignment Questions

Term Paper on Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Each student will prepare a major term paper, outlining her emerging personal counselling framework. The intent of the paper is to identify, with clear justification, the theoretical frameworks or constructs that make sense to you
(Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Person-Centered and Gestalt) and integrate these three theories into a cohesive persona theory – a personal way of understanding and describing the human condition and facilitating change.

Evaluation Component:
A. Outline and opening remarks (1mark)
B. Your Philosophical Assumptions as it relates to the theories you choose (CBT, Person-Centered,Gestalt)
-The nature of humans (3 marks)
-The nature of healthy or well-adjusted functioning(3)
The major causes of problems or not functioning in a healthy manner(3)
-the nature of change, self-growth as well as corrective action to obtain and/or return to a a state of healthy level of functioning(2)
C. The Counselling Experience
-your definition of counselling (1)
-Counselling process beliefs:
counsellor-client relationship (2)
role of the client and teh counsellor (2)
session length, duration & number of sessions (1)
emphasis on the past-present future (2)
emphasis on beliefs, emotions and behaviors and their relationship to another
change process including resistance
success (definition & criteria)
-contextual facotrs (application to clients with diverse backgorunds; different contexts)
D. Reflection
-weakness of your personal theory (2)
Why you are drawn to this theory(2)
E.Concluding remarks
Editorial Stle (APA) (6marks)

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