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Term Paper on Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction

My paper needs to be about the 2004 Tsunami relief and reconstruction in a research/term paper format. I need sources fully sited in the paper and bibliography. Here is a brief topic outline of what I thought it might look like. There are a couple of sources I found listed woth the outline as well.
Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction

A. Introduction

B. Some background information on how tsunamis are created.
-scientific research

C. The disaster caused by the tsunami.
-how peoples lives affected
-economic impact
-environmental impact

D. Relief provided to tsunami victims.
-volunteer and military aide
-how and where relief was provided

E. Reconstruction of the lands is beginning.
-reconstruction strategies
-economic viewpoint
-reconstruction of peoples lives and emotions

F. Conclusion
-strategies being taken to prevent loss in the future


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Wire-Asia Africa Intelligence Wire. Retrieved March 15, 2005 from the World Wide
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Early Detection and Forecast of Tsunamis. Retrieved March 15, 2005 from the
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