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Assignment Questions

The American Victory in the War of Independence

Please, no internet sources

Ferling, John Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence

ISBN-10: 7
ISBN-13: 978-1

Please write in past tense

These essays are intended to be thought/opinion pieces, regarding the recently completed course text. They are not book reviews ??” I do not want a description or summary of the book, or any other sort of formal book report/review material. I want to strongly emphasize this ??” I am looking for your personal reactions to the book, not a summary of the book’s contents. I know what is in the book; I want to know your opinions about it.

One key aspect of this assignment is to make sure you write it in first person, as opposed to the more traditional third person ??” “I had a hard time reading the book because I found it hard to stay with the author’s points.” (correct) versus “The book was uneven and disjointed.” (incorrect). While they both convey a similar point, the first makes it plain that the reaction described is a personal one, while the second implies that the book is poorly written.

For this assignment you must present your opinion of, and reaction to, the book itself. You don’t have to like the book ??” this is your opinion, after all. One way to help express your opinion would be to consider some or all of the following questions ??” although this is not mandatory, by any means. And remember, these essays are to be written in the first person (“I thought…”) rather than the third person (“The book was…”).

Did you find the book easy or hard to read, and why?

What were your most/least favorite portions of the book, and why?

Do you think the author provided adequate support for his thesis / arguments?

Was there any material that you felt should have been included in the book but wasn’t? Was there material in the book that you felt was unnecessary?

What did you learn from it? What do you feel was the most important idea or concept you gained from reading the book?

In what ways did this book increase your understanding of the Revolutionary period of American history?

Do you think the book have been improved? If so, how?

Do you feel that the book agrees or disagrees with other books or material you have read on this subject? If so, in what ways, and what do you feel is the correct interpretations of events, and why?

Thank You

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