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Assignment Questions

The Analysis of Literature in Volpone

The paper should contain an intoduction and a clear thises statement; severatl body paragraphs which develop an original argument (not simply summarize the plot); many, may uotes from the works you are analyzing to support the points uou are making; a conclusion, in which you sum up and ideally extend the implications of the argument you have made.
Here are the options I was given, either one of them will work:
1)In books 9 thru 12 of Paradise Lost, Milton focuses on Adam and Eve and the Fall of mankind.One aspect of his portrayal of thises characters is a persistent focus on thier hands: trace the references to Adam and Eve”s hands through these final books and consider how this motif contributes to some of the larger ideas in the work: knowledge, choice and “all our woe”. Do paintings of Adam and Eve help us understand Milton”s treatment of their hands?

2) Examine the function of disguise, costume, and role-playing (conscious or unconscious) in Ben Jonson”s Volpone and demonstrate how they contribute to Jonson”s satiric goals. You may find Jonson”s satiric aims.

3) Discuss how John Dryden adopts Milton”s Paradise Lost in is “Absalom and Achitophel”. Focus your attention on Dryden”s use of Milton”s Satan, God, temptation of Eve, the figure Sin, and any other parts of Milton”s poem you discover in Dryden”s work (be sure to support any parallels you draw with illustrative quotations from both works). If the goal of Paradise Lost was to educate the individual reason in order to make informed choices, to what extent does Dryden borrow this goal along with the details from Milton”s poem?
Thank you very much for all your time and effort! I am eternally grateful!

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