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Assignment Questions

The Behavior of Organizations

1 page- Workplace conflict is common in many organizations.? How do you handle conflict with co-workers?? Use information from this week?s reading to define your style.?

1 paragraph response to student post- With the varying degrees of issue in my organization, I cannot say I only react to conflict in one way. Most of the time I try to assume a collaborative mode, but I know I have succumb to a competing mode as I would describe myself as unrealistically stubborn (I?m working on it). This has hurt me from time to time; there have been instances where I was positive I was right and ended up being wrong. I?m working on it because I recognize the potential to damage reputations and relationships this way. Lately I have been rather successful in talking issues out. In understanding why someone believes the way they do it is easier to either agree with them, put up with their opinions, or sway their thinking. I still have issues with people who are inherently stubborn. I have not found a good way to discuss/argue issues with others who are tenacious, leaving me to avoid (avoidance mode) them. I do not like this strategy, but there certainly are times when it is the appropriate choice.
1 paragraph response to student post- When dealing with conflict I prefer to use the integrative negotiation process. I usually have a one on one with the people in conflictand let them use their own answers to answer their own questions. When doing this avoid the question “why” as this is an opinionated question. Let them remove the conflict from the person and focus on the problem. I find if they can identify some of the reasons for the problem they can feel vital to the solution by voicing their thoughts on the solutions. After talking to the two parties I structure their responses to apply to solving the problem and talk with both of them on their input and only their thoughts on resolve. This is a structured talk with the ones in conflict and if approached properly after a statement to the solution a simple “wouldn’t you agree statement” usually ends with both parties agreeing and compromise brings results.
Attached will be a rubric as to how outline the papers as well as the chapter readings from this week.

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