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Assignment Questions

The Biological, Psychological, and Social Determinants of Health

Project is listed below. It must be formatted using

Biopsychosocial Assessment:

Each student will choose a character from either Tuck Everlasting or Tuesdays with Morrie and write a bio-psycho-social assessment on that individual. Imagine that this individual is coming to you for help. What do you know about this individual’s life that helps you understand their current situation? Specifically, you will be asked to:

1. Identify something that might be considered a problem or crisis in the character’s life.

2. Identify and discuss the character’s current developmental stage and any prior experiences that influenced the character’s current situation. What are the biological, psychological and social factors that help you understand the client’s current situation?

3. Discuss how the character’s race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation influence the character’s situation. (EACH TOPIC MAY NOT APPLY, USE WHAT DOES)

4. Identify what barriers the character would have to overcome to address their problem (at the micro, mezzo, and macro level), and what strengths and resources the client has that they might use to overcome those barriers.
****This should be written with the headers: Micro-, Mezzo-, Macro-****

You are to include at least five peer-reviewed journal articles related to the character’s developmental stage, the current problem or crisis, or some other aspect of their life experience that you have identified in the biopsychosocial assessment.

****Must be at least 3 pages, APA format, Times New Roman 10 point font, single space. Plus a reference page*****

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