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Assignment Questions

The Civilization of the World

Using approximately one page per question consider these questions related to world civilization during the period of 1500CE to the early 20th century:

– Examine the growth of worldwide trade from 1500 to 1800. Discuss the rise and implications of a global trading system.

– Examine the leading thinkers of the scientific revolution. Why were the early discoveries of the scientific revolution met with such resistance? In what ways did these discoveries destroy an old worldview and create a new one? How did their ideas influence the Enlightenment?

– What factors help to explain the rapid Spanish conquest of Central and South America? What advantages did the Spanish enjoy? What events were important?

– Relate the American concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to slavery. How did these two concepts coexist?

– Examine the role of women during the Ming and Qing dynasties. How was foot binding representative of the changing social and gender worlds of China? Compare and contrast the situation in China to the role of women in other societies studied so far.

– What factors led to the decline and eventual collapse of the Islamic states? Did they have any problems in common that would help explain their fall?
Question 10 answers

– Discuss the origins of the American Revolution. How did the American colonies go from happy British citizens to conscious revolutionaries? How did the American colonies win their freedom? How did the American Revolution inspire other revolutionary movements?
Question 11 answers

– How total was the transformation brought about by the industrial revolution? Did anything of the old world remain? Was there opposition to this transition?
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