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The Contract Law

The required font for this essay is Times New Roman 12 pt. Textbooks used were “Contracts” by Steven L. Emmanuel and “Problems in Contract Law” by Knapp, Crystal & Prince. This essay is to discuss the different aspects of contract law and how it all comes together to impact the individuals and organizations (e.g. businesses and institutions) in society. This should cover not only contracts covered under common law but also contracts governed by the Uniform Commercial Code. Doctrines of promissory estoppel or detrimental reliance should be explored. I am the owner of a bar and would like some reference to warranties of merchantability for products sold and modifications of contacts between merchants which happen on a daily basis. An exploration of UCC Article 2 and how it affects merchants and non-merchants alike is requested.Please also delve into breach and various excuses of breach of a contract plus the remedies available to non-breaching parties. This is an introductory course but covered just about every aspect of contract law, how it’s evolved and the American Law Institute’s restatements which are still shaping it today. Cases you can cite are Drennan V. Star Paving Co. 51 Cal 2d 409, 333 P 2d 757, which relates to reliance.

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