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Assignment Questions

The Current State of the US Macro-economy

You must write a report on the current state of the USmacroeconomy. The format should be that of a news report, as you would read in a newspaper or magazine, with a lead (a sentence or two stating your major point ??” examples: US economy grew in third quarter, but unemployment remains high; USeconomy poised for double-dip recession; US labor market finally showing signs of life, etc.) ??” followed by detailed information about the state of the economy.

Your report should include current data on unemployment, GDP growth, inflation, as well as other indicators reported in the news, like consumer confidence, retail sales, foreclosure rates, the stock market indicators and interest rates.

You should include relevant news about policy responses to the economy ??” what is Obama doing, what are Republicans saying, what is the Fed doing. (The Fed’s most recent meeting happened this week.

Reports should run around 4-5 pages and are due in class on Tuesday, November 22. Late papers will not be accepted except in the case of a documented emergency. Please do not email papers.

You will need to keep up with the news to complete this report by reading a major daily like the New York Times. Data can be found at bls.gov (employment, wages and inflation), bea.gov (GDP growth), federalreserve.gov (interest rates).

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