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Assignment Questions

The Effectiveness of Music on Vocabulary Competence

This is the rest of 25 pages order. *I demand you start on this order on the late of December or the beginning of January. I’ll let you know the specific time when I’m decide on. *But you need to send me Appendices recently cause I need them now. *Please send me the completed reference for the last part you did cause most of them missing VOL number or publisher or place of publish, even both of them.

A. I’ve renamed the thesis topic more detail and it’ll not affect your following writing. (The Effectiveness of Music on Vocabulary Competence, Writing, Reading Comprehension and Motivation in English Language Learning in High School)

Please use “vocabulary competence” instead of “vocabulary competence/acquisition” in the following content.

The research hypothesis/questions and your following research writing will keep the same order as topic stated:
1. Is there a significant difference in vocabulary competence between mean scores before and after test for those embracing music as a teaching method? 2 Is there………in writing…….? 3. Is there…….in reading comprehension……..? 4. Is there……….motivation…….?

B. Please give a briefly Introduction at the beginning of every chapter.

C. The minimum time of whole research is 40 hours. You will be spend 8 weeks instead of 6 weeks as you stated in the paper if you take 1 hour per day, 5 days per week. But you can freely arrange the research time as you like base on the principle of 40 hours limitation. Use *A time Table to show how you will be arrange the research time, and Lesson Plans to show how you intend to do the treatment as well.

D. Appendices for pre-test and post-test, pre-test and posttest results, t-test results, classroom observations activities, lesson plans, exercises on class, songs you intend to use, checklist(as you’ve stated), journal entries, research questions etc. Please cover all area as you’ve stated in the paper.

E. List of figures and list of tables

Customer is requesting that (cwanga) completes this order.

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