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The Effects of TV Violence on Children

This was my proposal:
In the 78 years of since the invention of television, it has gone from a luxury item to a common household appliance. However, with an average of two televisions per household, its effects on children and society at large have transformed this household appliance into a virtual weapon of mass destruction. With the increased level of violenceshown on television each day, children have become immune and insensitive to violenceand are more aggressive verbally and physically than ever before. While this is a serious problem, it is not one without a solution. Parents need to take a proactive role and monitor what their children are watching as well as discuss what is being viewed on televisionrather than rely on television as an electronic babysitter for their children.
This paper will target a college educated audience and will examine: the use of televisionas an electronic babysitter by parents, the effects and consequences of televisionviolence on children, and the various ways that we can protect our children from the effects of prolonged exposure to television violence.

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