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The Essence of Becoming a Physician in the Irish Learning Environment

The topic is on: Why I want to be a doctor, and what I feel
I have to offer the irish learning environment and why I think I will be an asset to the program. I would like it to be a customised essay. If you have any problems writing the essay or confused by a few things Ive mentioned, please feel free to contact me by email. Since it is a medical school
personal essay, I would prefer if you read other medical school essays too so it would give you a good idea. I wanted this essay to mention a few things which I have stated below:

First of all the reason why I always wanted to become a doctor is because I grew up in an under developed country called Yemen where there were lack of doctors. There were insufficient gynecologists for women. Female genital mutilation was practiced and some lay in the hospital bleeding with no attention given. There insufficient doctors to be there for them when they were sick and sometimes they
lay there in the hospital with pain with no one to look after them and no treatment almost brought tears to my eyes. The reason I was able to see all this was because my mother worked as a part-time nurse at the hospital and was
usually there with her during my free hours and sometimes helped out. There was not enough treatment for these women with various diseases and this encouraged me to be want to become a doctor someday so I would be able to help out. Coming to Canada and traveling all places in the world has made me open my eyes to a lot of things. Through my volunteer experience at the Canadian Cancer services helped me learn what people diagnosed with cancer were going through. Being able to provide emotional support made me feel
helpful at the end of the day and doing good for others, contributed to this decision to pursue a career in the medical field. Studying in a Canadian University was quite hard for me for the first couple of years. It was hard
since I did my high school at a very low education level in Yemen. Therefore picking up required a lot of hard work for me. I managed to get through which shows that one of my qualities is that I’m a hard working student and person and
that I never give up easily no matter what happens. This is why I also enjoyed volunteering and tutoring refugee children at Frontier College since they were facing some difficulty as I did in a quite similar way, as I was when they were attending school in Canada. This hard working and confidence in myself is one of the things as to why I think I would be an asset to a University and the challenging medical career. Through my work experience in other areas has allowed me to communicate and work with different people
coming from different cultures. And being an immigrant myself from a different country has also allowed me to become open minded to a lot of things. I have also travelled a lot and been to a lot of countries making me a lot interested in learning different cultures. Thats one of the reasons why I chose Ireland since Im not afraid to try new things, learn new cultures and also because of the good reputations of the schools.
Being a doctor will allow me to change a lot of things and help people out in the future. Also I would be able to serve people from all backgrounds, races and cultures.

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