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Assignment Questions

The Global Experience of World Civilization

Edict must have in text citations and works cited page, I am using Peter Stearns World Civilizations “The Global Experience” 5th edition.

You are an emperor who resides over a classical civilization. As a new emperor, your goal is to rule effectively. You studied the great civilizations of China, India, Greece and Rome. You gleaned valuable lessons from your examination of these empires. You analyzed the factors that led to the rise of these empires, as well as those that led to their decline/demise. You know what it takes to hold an empire together socially, what would create a vibrant economic network, and how political stability can be achieved. You will sift through this knowledge, borrowing elements that appeal to you, adapting others to the needs of your populous, and discarding what you think is counterproductive. Although you must take into account your personal values and belief systems, as well as your personality and leadership style, which will undoubtedly influence how you will rule your empire, keep in mind that you are a “classical” emperor.

It’s your first day “on the job.” Here is your first assignment as an Emperor. Write an imperial edict to your subjects, outlining your vision of how the empire will be governed politically, structured economically and organized socially under your rule, and explaining the justification and logic behind your vision. Your public statement must be persuasive, and must convince ALL your subjects that unity and security will be achieved under your rule. While rhetoric is often a necessary political tool, yours must be sufficiently supported by well-developed arguments, and must include specific strategies that you will utilize to achieve your vision.

Your edict must also address the following elements. These include:

1-Source of your imperial authority?

2-Acknowledge the civilizations that you borrowed ideas from and why you selected those ideas. (You must reference the civilizations by name and example.)

3-Acknowledge important groups who support you or whose support you hope to get or groups whose good will is important to you.

4-What you will demand from your subjects?

5-What your policy will be toward allied and friendly states and just as importantly enemy or unfriendly states?

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