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Assignment Questions

The ideal church

I need a four full page report on what I think the ideal church should be based on my personal needs as a student or adult. How should a church be organized to be relevant to the student’s life. It also has to do with the biblical concept developing the ideal church for their community, diversity, and their own needs of church in their lives. Here are ten ideas that should help as an outline.

1. It is relevant because the youth have programs every Sunday and Wednesday which help.
2. It would be better with less hymn singing and more up to date music.
3. At his church the youth group is sliding off a bit.
4. The church should engage in more missionary work.
5. It is relevant because we go to the café and talk after church.
6. Preach long but good.
7. I like when we break into small groups and checked up on by our leaders.
8. When churches greet people with a hand shake.
9. Our church has a strict dress code, would be better if we good dress like the Baptist church.
10. More relevant if sermons are shorter.

**** The main subject or question to be answered is: IS your church relevant to your life today, why or why not?

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