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The Influence of America’s History on Education

This is an arugment essay on how united states public education focuses on ameican history and culture and its orgin in Europe. I have one short story where this arugment is based on. I can fax it to u. I need will send the outline for the paper that i devloped inculding the quotes that need to be included in each paragraph. It needs to be in MLA format, with a works cited page that only includes the antholgy that the short story is in. The paper needs to b 3 full pages.

The focus will be on The story, “When Mr. Pirzada came to Dine”. by Jumphia Lahri. Disuss the role of him in the story, and how his predicament affects Lilia and what that says about american culture and education.
There should be atleast one quote per body paragragh, if you find more in the story thats great!

Here is my outline
Thesis Statement-

Receiving a public education in America is limited to learning American History and its culture with World History centralized around Europe, Eurocentric, causing our children to be ignorant to the World and its history.

Formal Outline

I. Introduction

A. Summary of “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine”
B. Thesis Statement (shown above)

II. Claim 1- Students are closed-minded to other areas of the world because the main focus in public school history classes is United States History.

Evidence- Quote from the story “What exactly do they teach you at school? Do you study history? Geography?” “Lilia has plenty to learn at school,” my mother said. “We live here now, she was born here.”

III. Claim 2- If children are not taught about the history of the world at school, it’s not of importance at home.

Evidence- Quote from the story “it occurred to me that the television wasn’t on at Dora’s house at all. Her father was lying on the couch, reading a magazine, with a glass of wine on the coffee table, and there was saxophone music playing on the stereo.” Quote 2- “No one at school talked about the war followed so faithfully in my living room”

IV. Claim 3- To be ignorant to World History is doing an injustice to oneself because it affects us a whole.

Evidence- Quote from the story “All of these facts I know only now, for they are available to me in any history book, in any library.

V. Conclusion- History affects us all rather it’s at school or across the world.
Restate thesis statement and claims…

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