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Assignment Questions

The Interpretation of Images Traditionally

Option 1
Examine John Bergers term “mysticiation” and idscuss its relevance to Susan Bordo’s examples in Hunger as Ideology. What if anything, is “mystified” is the advertisements she discusses. How do the imges illustrate “the process of explaining away what might otherwise be evident(?)” (Berger 112). What can you say about Bordo’s and Berger’s methodologies to examinging images? What kind of information do you need to interpret images in the way that they do? Do Bordo and Berger engage in a different kind of “mystification”? Use specific examples to prove your argument.
Suggestion from Professor: Use solid idea to tie together

Or Option 2
Do Walker Percy, John Berger, and Susan Bordo share the same attidudes about the traditioanl interpretation of images? CAn you detect subtle differences, particularly concerning their views on education, theory, history? Using specific examples from the text book, explain the relationship between these three writers on seeing/intpreting the world.
You may wish to consider the following: What advise, if any, do these writers give their readers? Do they all pose a solution to our problems “seeing”? What additional information/education does the reader need to interpret the images as they do?

Must use specifc examples and quotations from text.

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