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Assignment Questions

The Issues of the Twin Towers in 2001

4Identify the issue of the Twin towers on 2001. Create a music playlist of at least 6 songs on Grooveshark, iTunes or similar service that raises visibility for the issue and/or advocates for your preferred solution to a problem.
Here is the music playlist of at least 6 songs that I have created (if you know popular songs please add 2more to this playlist)

Twin Towers – Play List
1) Empty Sky – Bruce Springsteen (2002)
2) Bad Meets Evil – Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars) [9/11 Tribute]
3) Freedom – Paul McCartney (2001)
4) Alan Jackson ??” where were you when the world stopped
5) Bon Jovi ??” Undivided
6) Michael Jackson – What More Can I Give 2001

The playlist must be accompanied by explanation of the strategy behind your song selections. Please make sure that this essay is about Public relations. Explain everything+the topic, how the songs relate to the issue etc.

If you use sources please cite them. And in the bibliography part add the website links. Thank you
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