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Assignment Questions

The Mission of Walden and Your Personal Goals

Walden University provides a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they may transform society.”

This is the Walden University mission statement-a laudable and challenging academic goal. In this Application Assignment, you will relate the Walden vision and mission to your own academic and professional goals to becoming a scholar-practitioner in the field of clinical research administration. You will also have the opportunity to assess skills and experiences needed for success in the Walden Masters of Clinical Research Administration program.

To prepare for this Assignment:

?Consider what Walden‘s vision, mission, and outcomes mean to you. Think about how they relate to why you are here and what you want to accomplish.
?Consider your personal and professional goals and how these goals intersect with your academic interests and selected field of study.
?Reflect on the mission of Walden University.
?Consider how specialized learning and the attainment of an advanced degree will help you meet your career and personal life goals, as well as help you become a scholar-practitioner who effects social change
With this in mind, write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following:

?Explain in your own words what transformations (professional goals) you hope to effect for yourself and society with your advanced degree.
?Based on your professional goals, identify at least three aspects of the goals that will have an impact on your role as a developing scholar-practitioner. Elaborate on how you believe these aspects are particularly relevant to your studies at Walden.

I am pursuing my Masters in Clinical Research Administration and my focus is to work with the government in searching for ways to prevent diseases on children.

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