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Assignment Questions

The Moche Civilization

Formatting Specifics:
Font to use: Essays should be typed in a sans serif font like Arial, Tahoma, Verdana. Helvetica. This is typed in a serif font.

References and Definitions: You do not need to go beyond course materials to write the essays, but if you do, you must cite all the articles and web sites you use. At least 75% of your essay must be your thoughts. I am providing all course materials via email.

Avoid using direct quotes. Instead, paraphrase the author in your own words but cite the author for the information.
For Example:
Both ancient China and ancient Egypt were self-absorbed and inward looking (Wenke, 2007: 342)

Paper will be submitted to Turnitin.com for originality report!!!

Essay should be approximately 400-900 words (about 1-2
pages typed, double spaced).

The ancient civilizations of the Old World and the Andes are a world apart. But there are striking similarities (and staggering differences) between the Old and New Worldcivilizations. After reading Fagan’s chapter on the Moche, working through the module, and visiting the two assigned web sites, describe the Moche civilization and compare it to any ancient Egyptian or Mesopotamian or Shang civilization. Did the lack of written documents bias the interpretation of Moche society? Was the Moche an “empire” or was it a series of independent urban centers lead by a charismatic ruler. What was the role of warfare? How did the discovery of the royal tombs change our interpretation of the Moche?

Spend most of your time discussing the Moche. The Fagan chapter and the Smiley unit should answer much of this. You do not need to elaborate on the Old World civilization, just draw some comparisons.

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