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Assignment Questions

The Mystical Dimension of Religion

Sources for this assignent are below and are needed in completing this assignment.

Define briefly what is meant by the mystical dimension of religion? next, provide a detailed analysis of Mysticism in the christian and islamic traditions.

in your answer please comment on the following points:

A)What are the mythic paradigms of Christian and islamic mysticism?

B)Describe the ways in which each tradition articulates the processes (stages and states) by which the soul ascends towards union with G-d?

C)Give examples of the ways in which the ideas of love and marriage, suffering and struggle (Jihad) are reflected in the notion of the soul””s journey towards g-d?

notes on style:

—the essay should be double spaced using a 12- point font. page numbers should be included.

—spelling and grammar should be correct and consistent. all typographical errors should be corrected

–all foreign terms that are not capitalized proper names should be underlined. tha names of scriptual and rabbinic texts are capitalized and not underlined.

—please illistrate your general observations with reference to concrete exaples especially from primary source texts.

—be sure to implement a correct and consistent style in referencing your quotations.

******Must use these two following sources (absolutely critical)

1. Islam: and the muslim community, author: Frederick M. Denny,
Harpercollins publishers inc., 1998 reissued by waveland press, inc. for info. about this book call (847)634-0081
ISBN # 1-57766-007-2

2. Christianity: a way of salvation(religous traditions of the world series) Author: Sandra S. Frankiel publisher: harpersanfrancisco: a division of harpercollinspublisher
ISBN # 0-06-063015-9

*Any information cited should do so only from sources mentioned above.

* Paper must be three full pages.

* This paper is intended to give over a solid and concise understanding of the required primary texts. please cite the texts as frequently as possible as evidence of a scholarly oppinion.

please include factual information without citations from other sources than the 2 listed above.

Sacred texts of the world a universal anthology, edited by Ninian Smart and Richard D Hecht
the crossroad publishing company copyright 1982
ISBN# 0-8245-0639-1

finally, i have two separate orders of exactly the same paper. i would like to be certain that the papers are written separately and by different writers.
Thank you very much.

p.s. any questions at all please contact me asap @ (805)708-3381

the paper is needed 3/15/02…@6 AM

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