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Assignment Questions

The Possibility of a Zombie Virus Outbreak and Apocalypse

Zombie Virus Outbreak Scenario Presentation:
There has been much speculation related to the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse as a result of virus outbreak. There have even been recent stories in the media related to this type of phenomenon, i.e. http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Another-zombie-attack—New-York-mom-on-Bath-Salts-attacks-her-three-year-old—VIDEOS-.html

Your assignment is to create a scenario; where you believe this could happen on a widespread basis. Use all resources available to you, both real and fictional to create a presentation in which you outline the scenario of a Zombie Virus outbreak including possible origin of the outbreak from the standpoint of disease, potential response by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, local government, and individuals. Within your presentation, give your assumptions of what you believe could be the best and worst case scenario and what could be done to stop the spread of virus before it consumes the world.

? Describe the background for the scenario and what type of disease causes the outbreak.

? Describe what you believe could make the human population vulnerable to the virus.

? Describe environmental factors that could make the population vulnerable to the virus.

? What might be the most likely modes for virus transmission, if any?

? What methods could be used to control the spread of the virus? Are there possible alternative methods that could used by the population for treatment? What might be the effect of alternate treatments?

? What role could social and/or cultural influences play in the spread of the virus among the human population? What might be the effects of the populations? beliefs and values on treatment options?

? Identify potential community health promotion and wellness strategies to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Utilize a minimum of two references to support your claims

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