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Assignment Questions

The Relationship Between Wall Street and Social Life Aspects

This paper on WALL STREET is for a sociology course.Focus will be put on the relationship between WALL STREET and other aspects of social life in American history.
REQUIREMENTS : Define WALL STREET , examine it’s history and it’s background.
1- Questions to be dealt with include but is not limited to :
What is the origin of Wall Street ? How has wall street affected our life ? How does wallstreet affect the American
culture ? How does Wall street interact with society ?
Approach it from a sociological point of view.

2- Cite statistics based on real life experience

3- Provide vivid personal illustrations from either own life experience or the experiences of others through interviews.

Attention! It is important that the paper be as simple as possible by avoiding the use of superficial and sophisticated words.

FORMAT : Type with the format of double space and
12 pt font, and ARIAL.

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