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The Roles and Responsibilities of Clinical Research Team Members

Application: The Roles and Responsibilities of Clinical ResearchTeam Members

An excellent way to become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of a typical clinicalresearch team is to read job descriptions for each position on the team. In fact, clinicalresearch administrators often interview and hire staff for their research enterprises. This assignment will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the clinical research team by writing two job descriptions.

To prepare for this Application Assignment:

Review the Learning Resources for this week, including the interactive Clinical ResearchOrganization Chart and Clinical Trial Flow Chart (Week 3).
Reflect on responsibilities of each member of a research team. Imagine how team members would work together to conduct a research trial during each step in the process, including what each team member’s contributions to the project would involve.
To complete this Application Assignment:

Choose one role of a team member for both a sponsor-based clinical research team and a site-based clinical research team.
Write two detailed job descriptions for each of the clinical research team members you selected. Include the following components:
Education requirements
Professional skills
Experience requirements
Interpersonal skill requirements
Job responsibilities and how the position would interact with others on the team

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