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Assignment Questions

The Transitioning of Women Suffrage from the 1800s Up to Date

This should be a custom paper about women suffrage from the 1800’s to now.What the differnece is in how women are looked at from then and now.The women abolitionost that something to do with women finally getting the right to vote.Resources can not come from newspaper articles,all citations are to be listed,This is a APA research paper.I will be e-mailing books that I would like to be used for report but you may add resources ae needed.
The Right to Vote:the contested history of democracy in the United States.Speeches and trials of the militant suffragettes:thw Women‘s Social and Political Union,1903-1918.History of the American Suffrage Movement are some of the books and I will submit them after order is complete.
There are faxes for this order.

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