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Assignment Questions

The Trojan War

1) Author of book Jonathan Burgess
2) Title of book The Tradition of the Trojan War in Homer
and the Epic Cycle
3) Publisher The Johns Hopkins University Press
4) Date of publication 2001


1) No more than three pages, typed and double spaced. GOOD book reports average 2 ½ to 3 pages in length.

2) Give the author, title of the book, publisher and date of publication. This is usually done in the opening paragraph of the report. See below for the proper bibliographical form you must use when presenting this information. Papers that do not use this form will be penalized.

3) DO NOT START YOUR REPORT BY SAYING, The book I decided to read was. . . This is a sure indication that you are brain dead. Be creative in introducing your book.

4) Briefly tell me what the book is about. Also state what the author’s thesis is.

5) Evaluate the book. Any particular strengths or weaknesses?

6) Give your own reactions to the book.

Use quotations sparingly. If you do quote, you must put the quotation in quotation marks and footnote it to demonstrate that you are quoting from the book.


Format for Bibliographical information:

Use the following format when giving the author, title, place of publication, publisher and publication date. It is standard for giving bibliographical references:

Malcolm Lambert, Medieval Heresy (New York: Holmes and Meier, 1967)


Malcolm Lambert, Medieval Heresy (New York: Holmes and Meier, 1967)
Note that book titles are either underlined or put into italics.


If you submit a book report that is not your own work, i.e. lifted from a journal, magazine, or online source, I will

1) track it down and

2) fail you in this course for plagiarizing (that is, stealing someone else’s work and passing it off as your own)

It usually takes me about four minutes online to locate a book review that I suspect has been lifted from somewhere else. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THIS.

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