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Assignment Questions

The Underlying Science Used In Measuring the Age of the Universe

Describe and discuss the methodology and the underlying science that scientists use in measuring the age of the universe. In essence, you are being asked to answer the question ?How do you know that the Universe is that old?

-The ?Introduction? should state the problem or proposition in simple terms as well as making clear why the topic may be of interest to the general reader. Introduce any necessary background and or framework that would make the reader better prepared to tackle and appreciate the details to follow elsewhere in the essay.

-The ?Middle? part contains the argument, the process, the methodology and all the details that may be necessary in order for the reader to fully grasp the topic and all its potential implications. It is here that you MUST describe what kind of measurement is being done, what tools are being used and what theoretical models are being assumed. Also, it is here that you might compare and contrast competing methods and outline the reasons for choosing a particular method and inform the reader why the chosen method produces a more reliable and believable result.

-In the ?Concluding? section you restate the goals and summarize the findings. It is here that you comment on the accuracy and precision of the measurements and, if appropriate, compare with older measurements. You should outline the reasons for believing the validity of the new findings and their implications on our current, and potentially our future, understanding of the bigger problem.

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