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Assignment Questions

The View of Walden Concerning Academic Intergrity

Page1. Walden University Concept of Academic Integrity.
1. Give an explanation of what walden‘s values regarding academic integrity mean to you as a developing scholar-practitioner. Then evaluate the impact of these values in term of how you think they will affect the learning community as your work at walden and beyond.

Page 2 Describe the academic and personal proficiencies you bring to the waldencommunity. Include your knowledge, skills, important experiences, and major accomplishments.

2. Identify areas that you would like to develop to become an even more effective and valuable member of the community.

3. Explain the ways that you believe the walden community can contribute to and support your growth and development as one of its members.
Make page 2 in APA style, with cover page. Page 1 is just a dicussion

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