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Assignment Questions

The War for Resources

The research paper’s topic is the war for resources. The topic is related to chapter six in the book Just Peacemaking. This paper needs to be nine pages long, not including the bibliography. The paper should discuss how we fight for resources; For example the Persian Gulf War was in large part a result of who were the owner and controller of oil there, any examples like that would be useful. In the chapter I am sending, it discusses how the next war will be for water. I need the paper to be about the resources we have fought for, the resources that we may or will fight for, ways of conserving the resources, and ways for fixing shortages of the resources. For example with the watershortages, maybe find a good way to purify salt water. On top of all this I need to tie all this into peace making. For example if we find a way to limit our resources so everyone can use them, we will live in a more peaceful manner.
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