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Assignment Questions

Theories and Social Existence

The MIDTERM paper is designed to exercise and demonstrate your understanding of the meanings of the theories. You are asked to explain in clear, precise terms the ways in which the theories tackle certain fundamental questions of social existence. ***For each question, include two direct quotations from original theoretical writings and not from a secondary text. Thus, you would quote directly from a selection by Durkheim himself linked below the question to respond to the first question of the paper and so forth.***

When you provide two direct quotations from the original writings of the theorists, please quote precisely using quotation marks and then cite the source (website address) (or another source for original writing) and page number (if available) in parentheses followed by a period. (There is no period at the end of the quotation.) For example, you would quote as follows: “Not only are these types of behaviour and thinking external to the individual, but they are imbued with a compelling and coercive power by virtue of which, whether he wishes it or not, they impose themselves upon him” (Retrieved October 13 from http://www.faculty.rsu.edu/~felwell/TheoryWeb/readings/DurkheimFactForm.html ). Please use the Ritzer text as a model for references. Please save and upload your paper labeled with your name and the letter of the paper, such as to the proper dropbox. Please use an advanced word processor such as Word or WordPerfect. I will not be able to download and evaluate papers with wps. extensions.

Directions for Midterm Paper–

Midterm Paper: Due by upload to the appropriate MIDTERM PAPER DROPBOX by 12/2 at 11 pm.

Please respond to four of the following in approximately 300 words each (single-spaced with a blank line between paragraphs):

1) How does Durkheim address the question: “How is society possible?”

Please see and use: http://www.faculty.rsu.edu/~felwell/TheoryWeb/readings/DurkheimFactForm.html for original writings.

2) How does Marx address the question: “How does society change?”


3) How does Weber address the question: “What makes capitalism possible?”


4) How does Simmel address the following question: “What is the nature of urban life?”


Midterm Paper: Due by upload to the appropriate MIDTERM PAPER DROPBOX by 12/2 at 11 pm.

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