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Assignment Questions

Theories on the Politico Cultural Aspects of Economic and Financial Reconstruction to Afghanistan

1. Given Afghanistan’s troubled history, are political stability and economic prosperity realistic long-term objectives in that context?

2. Are there any innate impediments to economic growth in Afghanistan? If so, are such impediments attributable primarily to political, ethnic or religious factors?

3. In what ways are ongoing nation/state-building operations in Afghanistan, the Balkans and Iraq similar and dissimilar?

4. To what extent is the construction of a politically stable and economically prosperous Afghanistan indispensable to the achievement of progress in the context of the waragainst terrorism?

5. How effectively have states, international organizations and non-governmental organizations collaborated in the pursuit of post-conflict stabilization and reconstruction projects in Afghanistan since the removal of the Taliban from power by U.S.-led forces in 2001?

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