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Assignment Questions

Thesis About Voltaire’s Candide

Need to develop an argumentive thesis relating the begining of Voltaire‘s “Candide” to the end. Does Candide find the best of all possible worlds? I would say that he has. One, he has lived and experienced life (bad as it may have been) and two he has pretty much made it to an early retirement in his garden.

I need correct MLA manuscript format and a works cited page with atleast three secondary sources in addition to the text and atleast 4 parenthetical references.

Some possible references: William Bottiglia,Voltaire‘s Candide: Analysis of an American Classic. and Haydn Mason, Candide: Optimism Demolished.

I have already ordered and received one of this sites generic papers on Candide and was not pleased. I am a fairly good writer who has fallen on some serious time constraints,I hope to receive a fairly good paper.

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