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Assignment Questions

Transtheoretical Model of Prochaska ( Change Theory) 

This essay paper should reflect the Transtheoretical Model of Prochaska ( Change Theory)

a. Write an overview of change theory ( Transtheoretical Model of Prochaska, )
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XUaq2iqzA0 (one of the sources)
b.Then write about client’s individual situational factors you may consider prior to developing the behavioral change plan of how one can quit smoking (assume that client is 30 y.o female nursing student, who have been smoking for at least 10 years 5-6 cigarets a day)
c.Based on Transtheoretical Model of Prochaska , write step-by-step plan for this client on how to quit smoking.
d. Evaluate the results ( assuming that client followed the created plan)

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