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Assignment Questions

Truman and the Use of Atomic Bombs

This research paper is about history of U.S foreign relations. Basically, paper has to answer a below queation.

The question is: Most Americans would readily claim that they know why President Harry S. Truman authorized the use of atomic bombs against Japan. Do you know the full story?

Please research well! There are planty of articles, websites and books about above event. For example, book called “Prompt and Utter Destruction: Truman and the Use of Atomic Bombs” by J. Samuel Walker will be good help too.
It is just basically telling a full story on above event. Don’t think too hard! just tell a full story(also, correct story)
There are going to be NO bibliography/references/works cited so do NOT use any quotes from articles or books.

1. Write simple, declarative sentences. Omit needless words.
2. Write in the active voice.
3. Remember that verbs are best and nouns are second best.
Avoid adverbs.
4. Concentrate on writing strong topical sentences for each
5. Try to avoid using forms of the verb “to be.”
Eliminate “to be” from your topical sentences.
6. Do not use contractions. Distinguish between “its”
and “it’s.”
7. The word “felt” does not mean “believed” or “thought.”
8. Check www.bartleby.com/141 and study The Elements of
Style by William Struck and E.B. White.(big help)

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