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Assignment Questions

U.S-China Trade

1. Please use 12 point font and choose New Times Roman.
2. Please double space .
3. Please type each question in bold font into your document and then follow the question with your response.

First Question (500 Word Maximum)

What distinct impact do you hope to have on the world in the future? Please be as clear as possible about your future goals, the policy/public service issue(s) you are passionate about, and your personal motivation(s). Be sure to include details regarding the features of SIPA that you believe are integral to helping you in your pursuits and what skills you need to develop to achieve a lasting impact.

** Please use file ( Liberalization economic policy in China.doc) and (us china traderelation.doc) to write this question. My goal would be international policy, focus in China.

Second Question (300 Word Maximum)

1. Describe a policy issue that has impacted your life, either in a negative or positive way. If given the opportunity to amend the policy, what action would you take and why?

** Please use file (policymemo.doc) to write this essay

Third Question/Response (200 Word Maximum)
Please share any additional information about yourself that you believe would be of interest to the Admissions Committee. Please focus on information that is not already reflected in the other parts of your application or might not be clear in the information submitted.

** I learned honor, courage and committment throughout my public servant experience. I have learned how to become a good leader. (navy.leadership.doc) and copy of my resume
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