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Uber Essay

This is a humanities paper. we are studying The Enlightenment and beyond and are using,The Asheville Reader, and Fiero(The Humanistic Tradition)F4 and F5. My topic is “Declaration of the rights of the Student.” ….:As a response to the state budget crisis, Dr Heard (my instructor) has been appointed Uber Chancellor Supreme and made the following changes. All majors are eliminated (you now will graduate with a degree in Humane Letters, having taken a dictated list of classes with no electives .) 62%of the faculty members, 75% of the support staff and one administrator have been fired. Smoking on campus has been banned, and the cafeteria will serve two meals a day of corn hash and gruel ( it is up to you whether you notice the difference).
As an enlightenment student you gather together your fellow students and the few faculty who will talk to you in covert meetings, preparing a “Declaration of the Rights of the Student”. Uber Chancellor Supreme will read it if he has the time.

I hope I have supplied enough info, if I could have as much humor in the paper as possible I would appreciate it.

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