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Assignment Questions

Underground Railroad

Evaluating the credibility of websites is a crucial part of doing research, for students
of any level. In order to do this, students need to know what criteria are important
for them to consider when determining whether a website is valid.
Do some research online and in periodicals available in the Library’s database and
identify the top 5 criteria your students should use to evaluate websites for their
work. Explain in detail what each criterion is and how it can be used to evaluate a
site. Make sure to cite all sources, including any websites that you use.
In the second part of the paper, you must evaluate two websites according to the
criteria you have chosen. To do this, pick a basic unit or lesson theme ( The UndergroundRailroad) and type it into Google. Pick two of
the top ten websites in your search results. Carefully examine each website
according to your criteria and share your findings.
The evaluation report must follow APA style writing and citation with complete list
of references (double spaced, 4 pages).

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