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Assignment Questions

Understanding Financial Reports

Understanding Financial Reports

The session long project provides an opportunity to apply ideas and concepts for each module to a real world situations. The assignment for the first module has two parts.

Part I.

Your specific assignment for this week is to select an organization for your project. You must choose a publicly held company. Indicate the name of the company, a link to the homepage of the company and links to at least two other sources of financial information. Also, comment on your interest in the company and how you expect to benefit from the analysis of this particular company.

Part II.

Assess the financial position of your company in comparison to one of its competitors. The emphasis is on cash flow for this analysis.

Compute the return on assets, profit margin and asset utilization rate for your company and its competitor.
Assess your company?s competitive financial position.
Compute the free cash flow for your company and its competitor.
Assess your company?s relative cash position and comment on its receipt and use of cash during the year.

Modular SLP Expectations

Always include the name or the organization(s), time period covered and source of information. It is important to answer the questions as posed. The discussion should be two to four pages and written in a clear and concise manner. Support your discussion with references in APA format. You are encouraged to use Excel or other compatible spreadsheet when computations are involved.

Grading Rubric: Click here for details of the rubric used to grade the submission.


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