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Assignment Questions

Unemployment in the United States

Paper Topic: Unemployment in the United States
unemployment rate for the past 10 years
-who’s responsible for unemployment
-classical or keynesian’s point of view on unployment (I lean more towards the classical pov)
-basically anything about unemployment
This paper has to be submitted through turnitin.com, so it must be original.
The following texts is instructions from my professor:
?It has to be five pages, (margins one inch all around, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, excluding graphs, the title page, and bibliography page(s)). For example, if you have one page of graphs (which should be on a separate page), you need to have six pages, plus the front page and the bibliography page(s). You must have at least 5 source references for the paper. You may use the text as one source. A paper not in the correct format or spell checked will receive less credit than one in the correct format and spell checked

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