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Assignment Questions

Unfair Labor Practices

Prepare a reaction paper of at least 500 words synthesizing the following reading assignments.

1. Chapter #4 of the text Collective Bargaining in Education: Negotiating Change in Today’s Schools (pp.89-110) [Chapter #4 is entitled, “The Costs of Collective Bargaining Agreements” by Paul T. Hill]

2. Chapter #4 of the text Local Government Labor Relations: A Guide for Public Administrators entitled “Unfair Labor Practices” by Joan E. Pynes and Joan M. Lafferty (pp.78-107)

3. Unfair Labor PracticesLabor Relations and Collective Bargaining: Cases, Practices, and Law, 8th Edition by Michael R. Carrell and Christina Heavrin (pp.201-202) [The link “Unfair Labor Practices” is located below] .

Reaction Papers ??” The reaction papers provide an opportunity to analyze, synthesize and evaluate the lessons/textbook chapters.

These reaction papers are approximately 500-1500 words, are double spaced, posted in the assignment response section of the unit, and should contain at least 1 professional citation from another text, journal, web site, etc. that further substantiates the position of the student. The assignment should be completed using MS Word 2003 and submitted as an attached file in the assignment response area.

The reaction paper should demonstrate your comprehension of the following learning objectives:

•Identifying and discussing at least three effects of collective bargaining along with both the current measures used as well as the measures needed.

•Explaining two recognized problems with collective bargaining.

•Identifying at least three substantive areas in which research is necessary to determine the implications and effects of the problems associated with collective bargaining.

•Identifying at least three practices by an employer which may be considered unfairlabor practices (ULPs).

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