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Assignment Questions

United Nations Operations in Congo ONUC

United Nations Operations in Congo

The United Nations Mission in Congo (ONUC) was launched in July of 1960 to oversee the departure of Belgian armed forces, to help the new Congolese government maintain law and order, while offering technical support. Eventually, the function of the ONUC came to include maintaining the regional integrity and political autonomy of the Congo, averting a civil war, and assuring the removal of all foreign assistance (including military, mercenary and any other advisory personnel not under United Nations Command).

1. Prelude to United Nations involvement
a. Congo gains independence
b. Post independence crisis-causes and effects

2. After request for assistance, UN initiates ONUC
a. Constitutional crisis
1, The government is split
2. The doom of Prime Minister Lumumba

3. Secession of Katanga
a. UN forces tangle with Katangan forces
4. Reestablishment of Congolese government
5. Problems with ONUC
6. Lessons learned from ONUC
7. Conclusion

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