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Assignment Questions

United States Vs Nixon

This is the topic that I have chosen. This was the proposal I wrote in class describe why it is significant event in Modern American History. I will email the instructions.

Option C- United States V. Nixon
The Supreme Court Case United States V. Nixon upheld the Special Prosecutor’s subpoena, charging Nixon to give up the tapes for the Watergate trials of his aides, which lead to President Nixon’s Resignation. The case was perfect example of checks and balances of the Judicial and Executive branches demonstrating that an Executive order made by the President can be overridden. The significance of the case revealed that there was soft money and shortened prison sentences for people who ruin other people’s names in politics or who create a cover-up and are caught. The gripping Watergate scandal changed the way Americans viewed politics, created scrutiny of future presidents. In the Aftermath of the Watergate scandal, regulations on campaign finance reform were created.

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