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US Foreign Policy Towards N. Korea

Peace Studies policy paper on U.S. foreign policy towards North Korea. The purpose of the paper is to identify some policy issue in the area of peace and conflict, analyze the issue and the proposals to resolve it, develop you own proposal on how to resolve that issue, and defend you proposal. Analysis should be based on some theoretical understanding of the problem and it’s solution. Need to use at least the three below sources and can add as many others as needed….
Bleiker, Roland. 2003. “A Rogue is a Rogue is a Rogue: US Foreign Policy and the Korean Nuclear Crisis.” International Affairs 79, 4: 719-737.
Xizhen, Zhang, and Eugene Brown. 2000. “Policies toward North Korea: a time for new thinking.” Journal of Contemporary China 9, 25: 535-545.
Sujian Guo, and Gary A. Stradiotto. 2007. “The Nature and Direction of Economic Reform in North Korea.” Political Studies 55, 4: 754-778. World History Collection, EBSCOhost (accessed June 16, 2009).

Some of the ramblings I had started are below can use or start from scratch…
The U.S. foreign policy towards so called “rogue” states is ineffective and counterproductive. If the U.S. hopes to move the Korean peninsula toward a peaceful existence it must change its policy. Condition need to be set where North Korea can build its confidence as a nation and maintain its sense of honor to the rest of the world. All nations evolved with the Korean peninsula need to readjust their policies toward North Korea. Multi party talks with all the surrounding countries needs to be established concerning a way to insure security for the Korean peninsula. But most of all the U.S. and China have to make it a priority to work together to make sure regional stability keeps on the right path.

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