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Assignment Questions

Using Sex Appeal to Market Volleyball Athletes

Type of paper: Position Paper
References: minimum of 8 must be peer reviewed

Situation: This position paper has to address my position in regards to scantily uniforms being used by National Teams.(ie: soccer, beach volleyball, etc…) I am addressing myself to the Canadian Olympic Committee and positioning myself on the issue, presenting both sides, how women are being marketed/portrayed, the effects it has (positive & negative)….
My position: I believe women athletes are being highly sexified and trying to sell themselves to the public, essentially losing who they are….

Format of a position paper:

I. Introduction
A. Introduce the topic
B. Provide background on the topic
C. Assert the thesis (my view of the issue)

II. Counter Argument
A. Summarize the counterclaims
B. Provide supporting information for counterclaims
C. Refute the counterclaims
D. Give evidence for argument

III. My Argument
A. Assert point #1 of my claims
1. Give my opinion
2. Provide support
B. Assert point #2 of my claims
1. Give my opinion
2. Provide support
C. Assert point #3 of my claims
1. Give my opinion
2. Provide support

IV. Conclusion
A. Restate my argument
B. Provide a plan of action


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