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Utilitarian Theory and Human Rights

Utilitarian Theory and Human Rights
Utilitarian theory (or utilitarianism) states that the worth of any action is determined solely by its contribution to the greater good of all people. For example, your organization has a tax rebate windfall, and you can spend the money to update the break room for your ten employees or the money could alternately be used to fund a new program that would provide vaccines for dozens of needy children. This is an extreme example, but based on utilitarian theory, the vaccines would be the greater moral action because it would provide the largest benefit to the largest number of people. In your role as an administrator for an organization charged with maximizing the common good, it will be imperative for you to ensure that your organization meets or exceeds the standard of fairness and equality in promoting human rights. Utilitarian theory is one way to gauge the effectiveness of your organization in that task.
In this Assignment, you will rank three human rights violations in the workplace according to utilitarian theory and explain your rankings.
To prepare for this assignment:
Review the article “Interests, Universal and Particular: Bentham’s Utilitarian Theory of Value.” Pay particular attention to the definition and description of utilitarian theory.
Reflect on recent events in the news chronicling human rights violations in public and nonprofit organizations.
Select three specific examples of human rights violations in a public or nonprofit organization (different from the one you selected for your other assignment – attached) that you are aware of from your own experience or from the media.
Consider how the resolution of these violations could be ranked according to utilitariantheory.
The assignment: (1-2 pages)
Briefly describe the basic tenets of utilitarian theory.
Then, briefly summarize the three human rights violations you selected.
Compare the three violations, and rank them using utilitarian theory. Be sure to explain how you arrived at these rankings (e.g., The greatest number of people would benefit if Violation “A” were resolved, because…, etc.).
Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation

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