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Assignment Questions

Value Chain Analysis

I need a four page (4) Value Chain Analysis with the following key points on each pany: Wal-Mart, Target, Sears/K-mart, and Costco
Include citations/references please.

Value Chain Analysis

Primary Activities:

Supply Chain Management – purchasing fuel,
energy & raw materials, inventory
Operations – production, assembly,
equipment, facilities, TQM
Distribution – packing, shipping, delivery,
dealer network, ordering
Sales & Marketing – sales force, advertising &
promotion, market research, dealer support
Service – assisting buyers, installation,
maintenance & repair, technical assistance,
buyer inquiries, plaints

Support Activities:

Product R&D, Technology and Systems
Development – product & process
improvements, equipment design, software
design, database, puterized support
Human Resources Management – recruitment,
hiring, training, development, pensation
General Administration – general
management, accounting & finance, legal &
regulatory, safety & security, MIS, strategic
alliances, other overhead functions

(you can single space if you would like) =)

Thank you in advance,

Daniel Vega

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