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Veterans of Foreign War and PTSD Substance Abuse

Please see attached. I have included description of project as well as a literature review of different references. In order to do this assignment, you have to understand PTSD/substance abuse issues and treatments that are successful.

I used a questionnaire and asked 75 Veterans (male and female) if they:

1) Have experienced any mental health issues since returning from deployment or war.
2) Do they abuse alcohol or drugs.
3) Do they suffer from PTSD
4) Where they diagnosed with any mental health disorder
5) Do they feel that their substance abuse is related to PTSD or serving in a war
6) Do they feel that they suffered from any side affects from war

Out of the 75 Veterans (68 male and 7 female) who answered the questionnaire at the VFW Hall (Veterans of Foreign Wars) 66 of the Veterans stated that they do have flashbacks from War, nightmares, and what they feel is a mental health issue. 9 Veteransstated that they did not feel any different since returning from war. 41 of the Veteransstated that at one time or another in their life they abused alcohol and/or drugs but are not currently abusing. 11 of the Veterans claim that they are alcoholics and have sought treatment. 18 Veterans claim that they abused alcohol while serving in the military and continued to use once returning home and do not feel that the war was a contributing factor but that they were young and drinking was the only past time. And 15 Veteransstated that they drink socially and also drank socially while serving.

Note: Over 75% of the males were substance abusers while the females were social drinkers. Ages ranged from 30-70 years old. Participants were asked if they were between 20-29—30-39—40-59–60-69—-70-up. Also check if male or female. Statistically it showed that the veterans who were over 40 had the most issues with PTSD symptoms and substance abuse. This could be due to the lack of knowledge we had about PTSD and Veterans as well as counseling availability to the Veterans.
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