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Assignment Questions

video games and the increase in adolescence aggressive behavior

Topics must be found by researching the Touro College Library databases, such as PyschInfo and PsycArticles to ensure that there are at least five or six primary resources – peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles about research
experiments (not review articles) – about the topic, but you only need to produce one article for this proposal.

Font: Size 12
Paragraph: double space

1. Be free of personal anecdotes or opinions that are not supported by previous research or the content of the article Do not use 1st and 2nd person pronouns ( I, me, we, you, “in my opinion:, etc.)
2. Demonstrate an understanding of theoretical and methodological issues addressed in the research
3. Briefly summarize the underlying theory, the hypotheses, methods, results, and the authors’ interpretation of their findings.
4. Intelligently discuss the strengths and weaknesses/limitations of the research/article.
5. Demonstrate college-level writing: clear, concise, and error-free.

TOPIC: This paper will give correlation between violent video games and the increase in adolescence aggressive behavior

THESIS: Some research has found an increase in playing violent video games an increase in the hostile behavior of children and adolescence. Other research however, have found that there is no correlation with violent video games and aggressive behavior or even finding reduced aggression because of violent video game exposure. My paper will argue being exposed at a sustained period of playing violent video games and a substantial increase in hostile behavior.

Thesis above is just an example – it does not need to be confined to just that Thesis.
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