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Voice over IP VoIP Performance Testing Tools


I need you to write me a research paper about “Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Performance Testing Tools”. Few weeks ago I ordered the proposal for the same topic. I will upload the proposal to the customer control panel once I finish placing the order. Here are the instructions for the research paper.

– Your report should demonstrate that you have read and understood considerable additional materials beyond what has been covered in class. The materials should be presented from both a technical and a business viewpoint. At least 7 sources must be consulted outside of the regular course materials

-Specific requirements of the Research Papers:
1) You are welcome to include figures, graphs, illustrations, etc. in your paper, but these do not count towards the required page count ( at least 9 pages)

2) The paper must include a Reference List at the end listing all books, articles and web sites you read to research the topic.

3) Spell-check your paper. I will deduct points for misspelled words.

4) The following grading criteria will be used for this paper:
The paper must show me that you clearly understand the material. If you include a long quotation or a list of technical specifications, it is worthless unless you follow up with a paragraph explaining, in your own words, why this is important and pertinent to your topic. Your paper should add value to the materials you’ve read. You can add value by combining materials from several sources or by explaining some information from a different viewpoint than that of the original author. Just repeating what the original material said is not worth as much (and is plagiarism if you repeat it unchanged without quotes). Your paper must go beyond the material covered in class. If you just repeat back information we have already covered in class, this is not worth much. Your paper should include a clear Introduction section describing what you will discuss in the paper and a clear Conclusion section at the end summarizing the paper.
There are faxes for this order.

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